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Products and indications for individuals with impaired bleeding tendencies

Product Description Indication
Cryoprecipitate Unit=150-250 mL
F VIII, FXIII, vWF, fibrinogen
Hemophilia A; von Willebrand disease
DDAVP 0.3µg/kg IV or SQ
Intranasal application
Active bleeding or prophylactically for von Willebrand disease
ε-Aminocaproic acid Antifibrinolytic 25% oral solution (250 mg/mL)
Systemic – 75 mg/kg q6h
Adjunct to support clot formation
F VIII concentrate Unit raises F VIII level by 2% Hemophilia A
F IX concentrate (PCC) Unit raises F IX level by 1-1.5%
F II, F VII, F IX and F X
Monoclonal F IX
Hemophilia B; hemophilia A with inhibitor
FFP Unit=150-250 mL
F II, F VII, F IX, F XI, F XII, F XIII and heat-labile F V, and F VII
Undiagnosed bleeding disorder with active bleeding; severe liver disease; immune globulin deficiency
Tranexamic acid Antifibrinolytic 4.8% oral solution
Systemic – 25 mg/kg q8h
Adjunct to support clot formation
DDAVP=desmopressin; F=factor; IV=intravenously; FFP=fresh frozen plasma; PCC=prothrombin complex concentrate; SQ=subcutaneously; vWF=von Willebrand factor