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Multilingual Support:

Oral health care considerations for patients with autism spectrum disorders:

  • Morning or after lunch appointment to reduce waiting time.
  • Be knowledgeable about the patient’s specific behavior patterns/problems.
  • Determine the patient’s developmental age and communicate with the patient accordingly (may use “tell, show, do”).
  • Try to use the same treatment room, staff, and appointment time.
  • Try to establish an environment that reduces extraneous noise and movements.
  • Do not use physical restraints.
  • Recognize signs of bruxism.
  • Recognize the presence of tongue thrusting.
  • Signs of hitting own chin or jaw may be present.
  • Signs of picking at gingiva or lips may be present.
  • Signs of self-injury behavior may be present.
  • Persons with tuberous sclerosis may present with pitted tooth enamel and rubbery noncancerous tumors on or around the tongue.