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Oral health care considerations for patients with asthma:

  • Establish and assess asthma classification, severity and control.
  • Consider morning appointments.
  • Place patient’s inhaler on the bracket table, or close by for easy access.
  • ß-2 agonists may reduce salivary flow. Fluoride supplements are indicated for patients with an increased caries rate.
  • Instruct the patient to rinse his or her mouth after inhaler use.
  • Recognize and treat oral candidiasis caused by corticosteroid use.
  • Consider antibiotic prophylaxis for severely immune suppressed individuals.
  • Consider glucocorticosteroid replacement therapy when indicated.
  • Avoid dental materials that may induce an asthma attack.
  • Avoid sodium metabisulfate-containing local anesthetics.
  • Avoid the use of erythromycin and phenobarbital in patients taking theophylline.
  • Be aware of possible adverse reactions to aspirin and NSAIDs (up to 20% of patients). COX-2 inhibitors can still be used.